Thursday, February 5, 2009

On the Farm

Another interesting week on the farm... literally.

My mother in law has been in ATL all week undergoing a cataract procedure. While that may sound like a standard one day, outpatient experience in her case it is not.

She lost her right eye to the standard cataract procedure 9 years ago.

Within 24 hours she went from sight to losing her eye.

So, you can imagine she put this 2nd procedure off as long as possible.

Now during the interim don't imagine she's been sitting on a couch whining or regretting what happened. She got on with her life rather quickly. She kept working on their 13 acre farm as she loves the garden, the flowers, the animals, and to be outside. She's continued to run a weekly nursing home ministry which she's led for many years. She even continued deer hunting sitting in a tree stand, and kills deer every year.

Did I mention how exceptional my in laws are?!

My mother in law has an extraordinary faith. She comes from good stock having been raised on "the other side of Walton's Mountain." If you know of that area from books and TV you can imagine the rural Nelson County VA families who were strong, self sufficient, and very practical.
This week while the in-laws have been taking care of business I've been going out at lunch or after work to check on their animals, feed them, pick up eggs, etc. While they don't have as much as they once did they still keep ten goats around, have 8 hens, plus the standard issue dogs and cats. Multiple stories here-- including the hen who prefers not to be in the coop who's a runner and the goat who got stuck in the fence-- all in all merely typical farm happenings.

They will return Thursday night. And I'll be back to my "normal" schedule. But for a few days it was good to take care of those who always try so hard to take care of us. I guess I'll return to my regular city ways though I'll miss picking up the fresh eggs, feeding the goats some cracked corn, and walking out to the barn.

OOPS that reminds me, better go change these shoes!

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