Friday, March 20, 2015

Mission Specialist

Well, I'm 6 months into the new "appointment." That's the historic Methodist way of speaking about the way a bishop appoints clergy to a task and location to serve Christ and Church. I've got half a year into this circuit riding mission job.

Some of you ask what I do- especially after you see my title/s. I work for both North Georgia Conference and for the UMC's mission agency called Global Ministries (or if you prefer the full title it is The General Board of Global Ministries or GBGM). With North Georgia I'm an Associate Director of Connectional Ministries with focus on mission. With GBGM I'm a consultant emphasizing Mission Celebrations as a strategy and event for churches, districts, and conferences across the United States (note this isn't about your grandma's "mission fair" approach). Either way it's a mouthful of title. And the bottom line really is serving as a resource, strategist, equipper, networker, coach related to helping Methodists become more effective in mission.

It's really a fascinating, exciting sort of everyday experience as I work with churches, districts, an annual conference, an agency, and United Methodists and Methodists all over the United States and world.

Here's a perspective from the North GA side of the job if you want to know more.

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