Friday, October 17, 2014

This Week in My New Mission Post

I've finished two weeks and a day in my new mission post. What a wild, wonderful ride!

Here are some of the things I've learned, or learned again, along the Way this week:

1) The love and support of those you've previously served is a great foundation for the next challenge.

2) Conference office staff know how to throw a welcome party and extend hospitality.

3) North Georgia communities and churches are wonderfully diverse.

4) How much time was spent in the past on navigation and frustration before we had electronic navigators who would tell us where to turn?

5) Thank goodness the Voice will guide us when we get lost or misplaced!

6) Music is a wonderful, soothing way to endure ATL traffic.

7) Conversations about mission and ministry with future orientation and discovery are a lot of fun.

8) To be something of a circuit riding mission guy who asks to sleep in a church is an interesting way to learn.

9) It is a wonderful thing to be dependent on more people and to be in a shared ministry that offers richer experience of the Connection and the Kingdom.

10) It's great to be home to rest and reflect before it's time to ride again!

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