Monday, July 14, 2014

Of Neglected Blogs & Busy Days

Where has the time gone?

Recent months have seen too much going on in church work, in personal life, and in United Methodist happenings, so I've let go of the updates for some time.

It's funny for me to look back over the number of UM thoughts and draft blogs that I wrote, and saved without publishing, as I supposed there were already too many words.  It seemed to me, or is it seems to me, that there are some other missing ingredients to the struggles of life in a family, in community, and in covenant which a blog just doesn't always help so well.  Often a blog or social media seems to foster one level of communication, yet just doesn't feel right with the timing, the challenges of life and faith, and the struggles which living presents us.  The status updates and media feed sometimes becomes an oppressive beast which doesn't enhance breathing, thinking, praying, living.  But, I've got to return in sharing updates as there are incredible things happening every day in the work of the Kingdom of God that I experience.  Hopefully this small sharing will point firmly to a way of following Christ which makes sense and is "doable", will encourage you in life and faith, and will pull you into exciting everyday missions for God.

Here's to grace,
and to peace,
and to life lived in family and community and church
through all the challenges and opportunities of these days.
May we experience the Living God in ways that might transform us and transform those around us.  

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