Saturday, March 15, 2014

I just read an interesting article that is a great match for adults during Lent.  I love that God can get our attention whether we are Chuck Colson or Mike McCurry.  I'll resist the temptation at this point to make a joke about politicians of every stripe needing redemption!  Read about McCurry's ongoing discovery and openness to faith even as he continues to look at the social and political implications of faith.  Neither a Colson or McCurry can erase their background, their world view, their perspectives and life experiences.  Yet they can grapple with who Jesus is and what it means for them to follow Him.  Don't get too drawn into politics if you are a diehard Republican or Democrat, but read here and think about your own adult journey in faith.  I guess the challenge is what do we with our faith, how do we express such a relationship and faith, and what good does it do to us or the world?

There is so much to enjoy about this article in terms of adult faith, vocation, and our ongoing discipleship.  I find many questions spin out of McCurry's experience and statements that most teens and adults can appreciate and pose more personally.

  •  How important is it for children to have a church experience that might continue to have impact upon them in adult life no matter what happens over the years?  
  • How do we compartmentalize our faith and separate an hour or two on Sunday from our vocation?
  • Or is it that we separate our work from our faith and continue to seek our calling?
  • How might our church experience grow to be more than an hour escape from reality, but become an every day reality that frames our work and our world? 
  • How might we, as adults, remain sensitive to God's work and calling in our life and continue to follow in dynamic, perhaps unexpected ways?  
  • How are we continuing to grow in our understanding- speaking vocabulary and practical experience- & everyday relationship with God?
God continues to seek us, and the Kingdom continues to seek to be a reality here on earth.  But it's certainly not the typical political kingdom we'd imagine.  It's more personal, more challenging, and more transformational.  What parts of your life is God asking you to open up to the Kingdom way during this Lent? 

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