Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UMC Call to Action

Just in case you missed it here's the link to the UMC Call to Action.

I'm curious what North GA UMC is talking about & planning on in terms of this report. Are we already making adjustments or waiting on further UMC action including General Conference before moving ahead? Will we be making 2011 appointments with this in mind? Will Jurisdictional conferences choose bishops based on this criteria and complementary skill set? Should delegates to annual conferences choose delegates for GC & JC based on this sort of thinking about the UMC? Or should we fall back to what we've done in recent years?

So many questions as I peer into the CTA & 2011. How do we jump to NOT doing "business as usual?" Are we REALLY going to elect THOSE people?! Much of the report has focus on congregational vitality, growing membership, and in particular successfully engaging the younger generations. I'm not sure we'll quickly or easily move away from status quo, "toxic," and "unsustainable." See CTA Final Report News if you don't get the references. I'm also curious if this will prove more contentious to the UMC than some of our hot topic social issues of recent years! In terms of Methodism, it will be curious to see if these truly become our top priorities at the congregational, clergy, & episcopal levels or if we'll prefer to give top shelf to some other aspect of our historic/past identity.

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