Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lost Blogger

Where has the time gone?!

Sorry for my absence. Too much to do & too little time to reflect, much less write anything about those reflections.

School started in our area August 10, so my children have kept us busy as we now have a high school senior, an 8th grader in middle school, and a kindergartner at the elementary school. A month into the year & we are back into the routine.

Of course, this has also seen the beginning of another college semester, which keeps life moving as I work part time in campus ministry at Augusta State University.

The "regular" day job of ministry in the church offers plenty of opportunity with all the back to fall routines. In a large church ministry this means all sorts of opportunities to be busy. Add a little bit of a head cold (or is it allergies flaring up?) and the days move right on by. Thankfully there is a "little bit" of college football to offer a distraction for one who needs to play the couch potato and heal up!

Funny thing about getting sick-- I often seem to catch my breath and think about things other than my "to do" list. I know I ought to be aware and reflect on such things in prayer and devotion time, but I confess that often when I'm ill & at home a couple of days that I become I aware of things I've been missing. I'm curious if anyone else has that experience?

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