Sunday, June 14, 2009

Staycation- June 2009

Staycation June 2009 comes to an end today. It's a good way to end things with worship, and an excellent way to start this next chapter. In the week ahead I'll be involved at the North Georgia United Methodist Church Annual Conference. Think annual meeting of clergy and lay delegates from all the churches who gather for worship, business, mission, ministry group meetings, ordination, and lots of singing and eating. Annual highlights always include renewing contacts with old friends who haven't been seen in a year and meeting new friends. Then back home and at work for just a few days before our team leaves for Togo west Africa for our medical mission.

One of the fun parts of this Staycation was introducing 2 new chicks to our family. Flapjack and Jaycee are doing well so far as they are warm enough (a critical issue with chicks!), are eating and active, and have not gotten into any problems yet.

Our suburban farm is coming right along now as they join the rabbit Callie (name still under family review!).

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