Monday, May 11, 2009

Long Awaited "Door Table"

OK, it's been a year since I got the old throw away door from a church yard sale. Then in this year's yard sale I found a long cabinet that looked like it had been used in a shop. I could tell because it had some holes in the top of the it that looked like it had held a vise. I'd struggled for a few months last summer trying to find the legs I wanted for the table. Said another way, I didn't want to spend money on the legs I eventually found that would be appealing and functional for the table. The cabinet would provide just what the creative recycling artist desired!

I've learned along the way a dining room table should be around 29-30 inches in height. Plus I wanted lots of room for a plate, plus plenty of room below the table for feet and knees. The plan is to add some tile in the insert areas & Monica and I are now working that out. I'm voting to leave the holes in the door from the door know and lock, though I may not prevail in that. After all it's still a door, right?! I still need to sand, stain, place tile, etc. but here's an updated picture of the table just in time for Mother's Day.

Oooh wait, was that 2008 or 2009 I was supposed to finish this?

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