Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Missions Cookbook Needs Recipes

I got a note about a group collecting favorite recipes from national and international mission settings. I hope you have (and will share!) some great recipes you might share as it'll help raise money for mission, gather people at the table, and could also be fun.

I'd LOVE to learn about your favorite recipes. It could be what you were served growing up or while on a mission team, or maybe something that you fixed for a mission group that was a favorite. Share the recipe/s with me as I might "double dip" and keep a version and also send it on to these colleagues. Be sure to include your name, your home church, and if it's an international recipe the country of origin. And if you want to do something similar in your church I'll even share my collection with you!

Here's the original note:
Recipes are needed for an upcoming Missions Cookbook. In addition to the regular categories, the cookbook committee is including "Recipes from Mission Trips" and "Cooking for the Multitudes". The group plans to donate 10% of the profits to UMVIM, SEJ, 10% to SCVIM and 10% to Anderson District VIM.

Send to me through Facebook or at sparrish@trinityonthehill.net

Thanks for sharing your great food,

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