Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Church Feeding the Poor

I had no idea that there were United Methodists in Macedonia!

As a matter of fact, where is Macedonia?

The Balkan nation has had Protestant work going on for a hundred years though it is still largely Eastern Orthodox and Muslim. Still, there is a place for the Wesleyan spirit and approach. Those Methodists started feeding some of the poorest citizens of Strumica.

Find the full story at though here's a teaser that inspires me:

"Church officials note that Strumica residents were initially dubious about the United Methodists providing food. What do these 'Protestants'—the name Methodists are called—want in exchange for nourishment? To attend their church? Gradually, people came to realize that the United Methodists were acting out of love, asking for nothing."

"The program started with 12 people in 2001 and has grown to the present 108. The hot meal, five days a week, consists of soup, main course, and dessert. The "Protestant program" has become a model for the region. Farmers who know about it donate vegetables or cheese. Strumica is in a major agricultural region."

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