Thursday, November 20, 2008

Teenage & Young Adult Community Activism

I really enjoy a variety of news and information sources. That's one reason I like the internet. I often catch BBC news which always surprises me with "world news" that I don't hear anything about in most U.S. coverage. I also like some of the PBS shows like Independent Lens. Last night I saw a documentary by three teenagers from the Swinomish Tribe in Washington state. They had gotten into trouble with drugs and alcohol while living on the reservation, and part of their treatment was to make a documentary about their life on the rez, including the impact of a nearby oil refinery on their way of life. It really shows an exploration of the impact of an industry on a local ecology, yet also offers a clearer understanding develop as the teens seek to tell their story, and must confront the larger world in both Olympia and Washington D.C. as they seek answers and seek to be heard. The movie and process was aided by MARCH POINT, a group serving as a collaborative film making effort between media professionals and Native youth telling their own story and the story of their tribe.

Look this movie over at the link below, and then imagine a similar project coming out of Harrisburg, or Bethlehem, another part of Augusta, or perhaps a nearby rural community.

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