Friday, July 11, 2008

Togo & Life Memorial

I'll end the Togo reflections with a story that was profound in it's emotion and impact. Three of our team members attended a memorial service for the patriarch of the family just hours before we caught the flight in Atlanta taking us on to Paris then to Lome. The grandfather had spent his first 9 years of life in Africa as a child to missionaries. They celebrated his life, and the celebration continued by extension of their mission.

I posted a number of pictures and a video from our busy Tuesday with the large crowd. During lunch the 3 went to a nearby mango tree, offered a prayer, and placed some of the ashes at the base of the tree. One of the locals, curious what was going on, went to them and asked what was happening. When he realized he too offered a prayer of blessing!

It was an amazing thing to watch as the week unfolded and as these 3 worked, and laughed, and lived. There was grief, yet it will continue to give way to celebration and to life.

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