Monday, February 8, 2010

Recent Mission Devotions

“The Great Commission”
Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus proclaims to his disciples, “Go and make disciples of ALL nations…teach them to obey everything I have commanded YOU.”

I have learned that one of the most important parts of my growing faith is serving. I believe you cannot have an active faith without some aspect of serving or mission work in your life. Not serving for self, but serving for Jesus Christ and proclaiming his words and works to all we encounter, whether this is in your school, in your house, or on the barren streets of Africa.

I had a great opportunity to be involved with a ministry deep in the Bronx of New York City two summers ago. I was able to become close and share stories with several teenagers my age that grew up on the streets of New York. Each of them overcame odds by avoiding drugs, gangs, and violence. Seeing each of them actively seek the Lord amidst constant shootings, drugs and peer pressure gave me so much wisdom on living a faithful lifestyle.

These teenagers were vital for my faith because they taught me something that I NEEDED in my faith at a specific time in my life. That is how mission work goes; we preposterously go to bless someone, yet that person blesses us beyond imagination. This is why I believe that serving and missions is one of the core components to actively living a lifestyle like that of Jesus Christ.
Blake (a college student)

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