Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mission Devotions

“Amazing Love”

1 John 4:19 We love because he first loved us.

Editor’s Note: Trinity on the Hill Outreach actively supports and sponsors outreach in Harrisburg which is housed at St. Luke UMC. That church is a struggling congregation, yet our mission funding and active laity make outreach possible in this challenging neighborhood. Further, a strong Methodist mission connection is established as the churches work together sharing the love of Christ in a neighborhood which needs all of us.

Working with boys and girls in Harrisburg at St. Luke UMC is a rewarding experience. Weekly I prepare a short Bible lesson relating to the monthly theme. Love and relationship with God as expressed 1 John 4:19 was our starting point.
Marsha Jones developed the relationship theme by teaching the children an uplifting praise song, Here I Am to Worship. Another volunteer choreographed liturgical movements to enhance the song. Each of these parts came together by the power of the Holy Spirit as we celebrated our first worship service. Parents and friends joined the children for dinner and worship filling the sanctuary. Various children took leading roles in the service as ushers, acolytes, responsive readers, and singers. You could feel the power of the Holy Spirit as the service built to a crescendo as the children lined each aisle singing and swaying to the praise music. I was overcome with tears of joy witnessing God’s amazing love at work in the hearts of these children.

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