Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not Necessary to Stage the Conversation as Science vs. Religion

It's funny how someone can share a thought that helps you put into words that which you sensed, but hadn't vocalized in some time. I've always disliked a simplistic argument that too quickly or easily pits religion against science.

Dan Dick offers an extremely helpful continuum that gives 10 different options of "where someone might be" in their thought on science and religion. In this scheme not only can one get a personal sense of where you might be, but you can also get an idea of where others might be in their thinking. This approach is helpful in that it will advance dialogue as both science and religion need each other and need to be in some level of conversation and relationship. Or, perhaps you find you are so far removed from the other person that it will take significant work and multiple steps to ever find each other!

"This allows a whole lot more people to find a place that is comfortable for them to stand. By allowing for varying degrees of acceptance and rejection, we open the conversation in significantly fairer, more beneficial ways. Here is a brief overview of the ten positions on the relationship of science and religion." Science and Religion

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