Sunday, October 26, 2014

Helpers at the Crossroads of Congregation & Missio Dei

My new job has me working with United Methodist congregations as a missions strategist. It's an incredible time to be in mission as the work of God is both local and global. Our opportunity is to join up with this movement in the new fresh wave of the Kingdom which is taking place around the world. For a congregation this means the opportunity to follow Christ in all sorts of exciting ways in any number of 125 locations.

Mission is an exhilarating venture as the missionaries and ministers and baptized believers involved are as diverse as all the ethnic groups in those 125 countries. This new way of mission is more than just funding. It's more than just study and prayer. It's more than just projects a team may carry out in a visit.  

This mission of God involves a new dynamic of relationships, activities, and partnerships. More than a mission sending agency, both the NGUMC Connectional Ministries office & UMC's Global Ministries offer the opportunity to help a congregation, district, or conference become more effective in mission in ways which are transformational for those who serve and those who are being served. I join two gifted teams eager to assist congregations in this vital task of our generation to share true Good News in word and deed in many, many communities and countries.

What is your role in God's mission today? How might I best encourage, equip, and support you and your congregation in this high calling? Watch for exciting news throughout the next few weeks as I begin that exploration with many followers of Christ who are also on the journey as mission leaders!

See God's Mission Is Global to learn more and be sure to watch for updates...

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