Thursday, August 18, 2011

Speakers Available for Men's Meetings

Perhaps by now you notice I'm privileged to serve an extraordinary church. By that I don't mean we've got everything figured out. Instead, I mean there are lots of honest, real folk who are eager to serve and to share.

We've got four guys in the +/- 40 year old range that illustrate the point. In addition to their careers they are now making themselves available to share their stories and encourage other men. One is a high school principal, another an engineer, the third a financial advisor, and the fourth an international level gymnast who continues that interest in his businesses. They are an interesting group of men, with diverse personalities, yet with common goals of encouraging other men to live extraordinary lives.

Jason, Tim, Jeff and Jay can tailor their presentation to a seminar or a one day event or weekend retreat. They have presented "The Service Road" at a number of churches in the Augusta area, at the North Georgia UMC United Methodist Men's Retreat at Rock Eagle, and at FUMC of Fayetteville TN. These friends are highly respected in both our church and community. You would be hard pressed to find a stronger presentation and their hope is that they will help you to find a similar group develop in your own church.

Learn more about The Service Road here and find the contact information if you wish to have my friends lead your next men's event. If you want to reach men ages 25-50 you will not find a better group to lead a program.

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