Saturday, March 19, 2011

Being in Mission

This is what a church in mission looks like:

-Faith in action as expression of our love of God, following of Christ, and empowerment by the Holy Spirit is the movement. This is inward holiness seeking outward expression in some practical manner that transforms lives-- both for the one we serve and our own lives.

-We go outside the church walls, yet are seeking to be the church. This blurs the lines between secular and sacred. The location becomes an outpost for service, for prayer, for worship, for fellowship, for discipleship, and for encouragement. It's a place where old songs and stories are told, and where new stories are created.

-A few people make up a team geared to action and solutions. You won't find a thousand people here. You likely won't find 100. Instead, you'll most likely find a small group similar to the disciples Jesus led. 12 people can still be transformed and transform the world.

More thoughts later on mission. Now I've got to get ready to get into the game!

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