Thursday, June 18, 2009

North GA Amendment Results

North Ga Amendment Results

The amendment vote results were reported this morning and will be reported at the conference website at

#2- yes 1409 no 91
#6- yes 1391 no 111
#8 yes 1407 no 95
#15 yes 1386 no 115
#17 yes 1291 no 216
#19 yes 1334 no 174
#22 yes 1461 no 43

The other amendments had similar results against.


Unknown said...

"The other amendments had similar results against."

Unless I reading this wrong it looks like they all passed. Is that correct?

What was the result on amendment 1?

revscottep said...

Alan, I was typing fast!! The entire results are posted at the website now. I showed ONLY the amendments that had positive votes. All the rest were negative in similarly big ways! Sorry for the confusion as it was a challenge to get it out quick. :)

revscottep said...

So I posted an update showing all the #'s which come directly from the North GA UMC to make this clear.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update!