Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacation Ends

It's time to go back to work today. Two worship services, catch up on e-mail, load everything in my car for lake camp this week, go to Thomson FUMC (the near center of the Augusta District which stretches to Greensboro, Milledgeville, and Tignall!)for preAnnual Conference briefing, and I'll launch back into "normal" summer work.

First a vacation recap:
In addition to doing some yard work, and knocking out some home projects, I've almost completed the long awaited "door table." I got an antique door a year ago at the church White Elephant sale. I cleaned it up last summer, but never did find legs or a base that would accommodate what we wanted to do. I stripped the door of 75 years of paint, and since then it's been sitting in one corner of the garage. Then this year at the White Elephant I picked up a long free standing cabinet (OK you might call it a chest of drawers or bureau) that had 3 holes in the top appearing to have been used in a shop with a vise attached. I painted the cabinet black, and then my wife suggested taking at the drawers all together. I stained and sanded, and stained, and sanded, and eventually polyurethaned the top door/table top. I don't have a woodshop, so all my work was done with hand tools. I've set the tile, and will grout one evening next week.

Despite the fact the Lowe's cashier suggested I go into furniture design I believe I'll keep my day job! Still, this has been fun and will be a good conversation piece, plus useful for a crowd. I just hope I don't EVER need to move it!

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