Monday, February 2, 2009

The Ministry of a Custodian

I have been fortunate over the years to have known some incredible ministers. Some of the best church workers I've known have been custodians. Seriously, these folk have a ministry of relationship, presence, and work that touches multitudes of lives. I could tell of Pauline or of Leon, though today I'm thinking of my good friend Jerome. Jerome has served at my Augusta church since my first tour here in the mid 90's. He is well beloved for all he does in word and deed, and is a strong example of Christ for everyone he meets.

Just last week we crossed paths Tuesday afternoon as he was cleaning up from one event, and I was setting up a table for an evening meeting. It was late afternoon, around 3:30, and we swapped some stories about what we'd been into and how busy life was. Jerome had worked a number of events, been moving tables & chairs, and cleaning up all day. And that is the forecast for the next few weeks leading up to Easter. Jerome expressed thanks the previous study had left him a sandwich.

A short time later Jerome's cell phone rings, and there's a need in another part of the church campus. The busy day gets busier. But he doesn't grumble, or complain, or even make a face. Jerome, as good natured as anything, gets off the phone and says, "Scott, these are the days I look forward to; these are the days I need."

Lord, help me to have that spirit.

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