Sunday, December 28, 2008

College Sunday Worship & Great Christmas/Epiphany Music

We have a lot of college students home for the holidays. That means the FULL BAND in worship. Now we aren't typically one of those types of churches :) though the youth and some of the special Sundays often finds a variety of musicians leading worship. But today was the full sound, and I confess I LOVE IT! I appreciate that the church is open to this, is VERY encouraging of our young adults in their sharing, and that the young adults are so eager to share Christ through music. You see, the church encourages people to share their faith, even when the style may be different we appreciate that the story of God's work is continuing and that our children and grandchildren are in fact passionate about this!

I also found a depth of the Christmas story and of theology today that I didn't expect. It's a challenge to share the story as BOTH the gift of God AND maintain our role in response and in continuing to share in that story and work. This song managed to do that quiet well.

"Let Us Be"

The heavens rang with praise the night You were born;
A longing world beheld the Savior come.
You lived to bring us peace, You died to make us free
That we would live to show eternal love.
Because You came our hearts proclaim

Let us be joy to the world let us be peace on the earth,
That all would sing "Come let us adore Him."
Let us be wonders of heavenly grace, hope and love
That all would sing "Come let us adore Him."

Our everything we give, far as the curse is found,
To be a light, bright shining in the east.
In darkness and despair, we will meet broken there
And guide them to the foot of Mercy's seat.
So let our lives reveal Your light


Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Prince of Peace
Merciful, Father of Life Everlasting


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