Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Current World Challenges Calling People of Faith

I wish I could just share some random thoughts on theology, or an inspirational story to renew your spirit. Instead, I'm struggling with the fact that now is the time to put our best theological thoughts to action. We are living in days that demand we do more for the good of all. We must move beyond our own self concerns and renew efforts to care for our neighbors- those in the next neighborhood or community as well as those half way around the world.

While we complain about the economy here in the U.S., and granted it may be nearing a historically awful place comparable to that of the Great Depression, many of us are still able to survive with hopes and dreams of a better future. In many places throughout the world today is a day of survival and basic subsistence, and if today is survived then tomorrow will be a very similar day of basic survival.

There is currently a global food crisis which is calling for our action. There is a special need for training and development of agriculture appropriate to local poor farmers and families throughout the world. Interested in helping to form such a team?? Read the following article and consider how you might help change the world with your interests and abilities.


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